Welcome to Dwarves Network,

We’ve grown a lot since launching our Discord server since the first day we made this network grow based on developers-centric.

That’s why Dwarves Discord is operated as a 50% company, 50% community. Discord is where we:

In this update, we’re thrilled to announce a new Discord System that can make it easier to connect with fellow community members.

Welcome to our server

Community channels

Internal channels

Discord Roles

We’ve reorganized the discord roles system, these roles hold significant value as we’re growing into an open community. They are ladder-based and function-based roles.

Along with these roles come additional activities and benefits, especially once NFT and $icy staking are introduced.

MMA-based new roles system


Community members

Consulting staffs

Discord Bots

We’ve built some self-built bots to manage tasks and make your experience on the server more enjoyable. Here’s a quick rundown:

Mochi: tip bot. Mochi helps you send someone a virtual pat on the back, a kudo, to show your appreciation for others.

Tono: the server manager. Tono is the most powerful in-house bot and keeps the Discord server running smoothly.

Fortress: helps us track things internally like performance tracking and issue reporting. It keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

That’s all for now. You can visit Dwarves and have a good time, we look forward to seeing you on the server.