1. Update fortress database

Create a new table employee_mma_scores

including (but not limited):

  1. Create a Discord command

?profile @member (smod or above perm)

data: latest mma score, basic info, project info

design: add later (hnh)

2.1 Specific Channel Permission

Create a scoped channel, same as scoped role permission

this command only run in defined channels

  1. Discord command to export a template csv

?mma template (smod or above perm)

result a mma-template.csv file follows format as below:

header: full_name, mastery, meaning, autonomy

template data must includes all active employee from employees table

  1. Fortress function to import mma csv

Button on website (like Create invoice button) to import a csv

read data from csv file and input to employee_mma_scores from 1)