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A small, fast and scalable bearbones state-management solution using simplified flux principles. Has a comfy API based on hooks, isn’t boilerplatey or opinionated.

What’s better about this method or library

What can we do with it

Replace Context or other state management libraries like Redux.

How should we adopt it

If you’re looking to learn Zustand, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Read the Documentation: The Zustand documentation is a great place to start. It provides a comprehensive overview of the library and its features.
  2. Check Out the Examples: The Zustand GitHub repository contains several examples that demonstrate how to use the library in various scenarios. These examples can help you get a better understanding of how Zustand works in practice.
  3. Build Your Own Project: The best way to learn Zustand is to use it in a real project. Try building a small project using Zustand and see how it can simplify your state management.