In a recent collaborative discussion between key members of the Labs and Consulting teams, we’ve made decisive strides in pinpointing key topics and potential projects for development. Each topic is paired with specific challenges to ensure we engage deeply with the technology, understanding its practical applications. The focal point for the coming month is WebAssembly (WASM), alongside a range of exciting use-cases we plan to implement and demonstrate.

Our discussions have led to the identification of several intriguing topics, each with its own set of challenges. It’s particularly noteworthy how some of these topics intersect and overlap.

WASMAn Tran- Self-host AI model on the browser (e.g. OCR for security cams, private browser chatbotā€¦)
- Data processing and visual infographics (through DuckDB-WASM)
- Implement a Rust game through WASM
PasswordlessAn Tran- Biometrics on the web (through external device connection)
- QR code based login
- Magic Links
RustHieu Phan- Implementing a game server on Rust
AITom- Realtime memory knowledge updates (RAG updates)
MPCHuy Nguyen- Applying MPC for authentication for web3 (Console)
UI practicesThanh Pham- Build mochi-ui

As we concentrate on these topics, other potential areas will stay in our backlog for the time being. However, these are open for exploration by members of the Labs and Dwarves teams, should they spark interest:

All challenges have been recorded in our earn program. Please visit the corresponding link or contact the PIC for details.