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How we crafted the OGIF summarizer bot to streamline weekly knowledge-sharing

What’s OGIF?

OGIF stands for “Oh God It’s Friday.” It’s our weekly Friday tradition where members share 10-minute talks. The team hops on Discord to share and discuss diverse topics like software development, engineering patterns, industry trends, finance, entrepreneurship, blockchain, AI, and a mix of other cool stuff. It’s a quick, engaging way to learn something new.

We value the importance of sharing our work with other people at Dwarves. And it’s a chance for people who don’t work directly on development to feel included in the process.

Meet the OGIF memo summarizer

Working in collaboration with my colleague @innno_, we crafted a chatbot using Dify. This bot transcribes YouTube videos and extracts key points from our OGIF sessions. The result? A major boost in our ability to review and reference the knowledge shared during these meetings.

How it works?

YouTube Transcription: We integrated a YouTube transcription workflow as a function-calling tool for our chatbot.

Intelligent Summarization: The chatbot generates structured summaries from the transcribed content using a well-designed prompt.

Three-Tier Summary Structure:

  1. Short Summary: 3-5 key timestamps with brief descriptions of the most important topics.

  1. Detailed Summary: Comprehensive timestamps, each with 2-3 bullet points providing in-depth information.

  1. Languages: The summary is available in both English and Vietnamese.

The prompt

The core of our summarizer is the prompt we’ve meticulously designed. Here’s what it does:


What’s next?

We’re always looking to enhance our OGIF Memo Summarizer. Some future ideas include:

Wrapping up

The OGIF Memo Summarizer has improved our weekly knowledge-sharing sessions. Using AI, we’ve made a system that saves time and enhances the value of our Friday office hours.

We recommend other teams try similar tools to streamline their knowledge-sharing. In software engineering, efficient learning and sharing information can give you a big advantage.

Happy coding and happy sharing.