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This is the checklist for our handover process. When a new person joins a project, project members are changed, or project is moved to another team, a handover should be thoroughly planned and executed.


Handover is not a task, and it is not instant. Handover is always a project. Therefore it should be planned and executed like a project. Depend on the stage of project, the dedicated team should pick approriate checklists.


Project handover

This is the preparation stage when we specify all details of the project handover

Source Code handover

A checklist of items to help new members who would be able to run / build the source code. Other than that, they also can understand and continue to develop the codebase

System handover

A checklist of items (accounts & credentials) need to be transferred the ownership to client

Handover completeness

Used to verify if handover was successful. Go through this list after one week of finished handover to check if it was successful. If some points can’t be marked, it means that handover is still in progress. Go through it once again after one more week. Always start with all boxes unchecked.