Dwarves Community is melting pot for software engineers, thinkers, learners and techies who are to explore, learn and master the latest advancements in technology.

Technology is moving at the speed of light, and we want to stay at the forefront. Background or experience doesn’t matter to us, we are more keen on the mindset of always being curious about what’s next in tech, collaborating for the better, learning profusely and sharing unconditionally.

If you share the same goals and mindsets, you’re welcomed to join us.

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Each month we honor members who have significant contributions and impacts in our growth. The top contributors have their own swaggy honor badges and rewards with ICY.


We use bounties to encourage and motivate contributors, both experienced and newcomers. Through active collaboration and effort, community members level up, get accessed to more activities and receive greater rewards.
Available bounties are up for grab at https://note.d.foundation/earn/.

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