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Guidelines for project collaboration between DF and Clients.



Meeting notes for Sprint planning and Sprint retrospective will be sent within 30 minutes after meeting.


Project Management

Design <> Development

Backend <> Frontend

Quality Assurance <> Development


Customer feedback

We received and responded to feedback via direct message, email or video calls. Specific feedback should be directed to specific PIC in a project team:

Issues management

We promise to respond and resolve in a timely fashion when problems arise, depending on priority & severity. After issues are resolved, we will conduct an investigation and provide preventive measures (if applicable).

There are 4 levels of severity:

Critical: 4

Production system is down or a major function is unusable and there is no acceptable alternative method to achieve the required results. Support in such emergency issues is available via our hotline.

Major: 3

Major features of the product are failed and/or performance issues impacting the normal functioning of multiple users.

Moderate: 2

Moderate loss of application functionality or performance degradation. The system is still operating but doesn’t meet promised standard operation.

Minor: 1

Minor issues such as visual incorrectness .eg color or font size, product feature requests and how-to questions.

Subject to the above limitations, we promise to respond to support requests within twenty-four (24) hours.