Who we are

Dwarves Consulting is team of individuals who possess a combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and strong communication abilities.

Our culture

How we work

Our working environment is dynamic. Instead of pure knowledge / learning sessions, we try to learn and work together through real-life inquiries or requests from our potential clients.

We also monitor the industry and report on what is being built, what is creating impact, and turn them into use-cases for practices and productions.

We work in close collaboration with the Labs Team and product team, to offer to specialized expertise to clients across various industries to ensure we apply our insights and learning to client projects.

What we work forward to

We set out to become a team that can deliver the best client satisfaction possible, meaning continuously improve services. That involves taking care of the full project life cycle from providing client with the right solution, meeting their needs and constraints, to developing, delivering, transferring ownership.

We want our team to be thinkers and problem-solvers, rather than just coding and doing handy works all the time, projects from projects. Then everyone get the fair reward and recognition in return. The more involved we get, the better the returns.

How to become a member?

At the beginning, the team consists of members appointed by BoD and referral from Labs / Deliver team.

We are looking for signals from members who are starting to show more involvement in their projects, can lead the team, has a knick for business aspects and getting good feedback from clients to invite to the team. Therefore, if consulting is the path for you, we invite you to actively contribute to tech discussions on our Discord server.

Once we invite you to the team, we will equip you with workshops on consulting, marketing & sales in tech, and also assign a mentors to support you along the way. We will have a month of trial to produce actual outputs together, before the final decisions.

Are you a fit to join the Consulting team?

How do we reward?

Below are a few activities that we current have rewards for:

Team members’ effort is rewarded base on the weight of their contributions. The rewards range from ICY, to Dwarves token DFG, to % on project revenue.

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