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Marketing and Communications Specialist

We’re looking for Marketing & Communications Specialists to join Dwarves and work remotely.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for technology, a strong understanding of the software development industry, and excellent communication skills.

This role will involve developing and implementing marketing strategies, creating compelling content, managing social media presence, and maintaining effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

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Dwarves is research-focused technology firm

Since 2015, we have helped companies build & ship top-notch software, operate tech teams and invest in ambitious people who are after world’s next big things.

Technology is our north star metrics, engineering is our culture. We are a profitable company since day 1 and have been growing steadily.

On our way moving to the next goals, we’re looking for talented members to join in and help us to grow more sustainably in the coming years.

Life at Dwarves

The Manifesto

Culture Handbook

What you’ll get to do

What it takes to succeed

Nice to have


Our goal is to provide and empower teammates with what they need to get the job done.

Our interview process

  1. Review & Reference check
    After we receive applications, we will perform our screening process and double-check on the reference.
  2. Skills assessment test
    Ideal candidates will receive links to our skills assessment test, which will focus on the three main skills: English, Writing, Logical Thinking.
  3. Team interview
    Successful candidates will have a direct talk with our Ops members and/or relevant team members.
  4. Offer
    The best candidate will receive an offer from us right away.

🤘 Apply now (We respond within three days)

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