Aim for Quality

Quality exists in every piece of work. We thrive to deliver the best because we can.

Well-crafted Software

We humbly imply our expertise and experience into well-crafted software. We take pride in high quality products and perfect solution. We can’t stand preventable defects.
Quality Pays

Quality outweighs everything else. Once it isn’t managed, the entire project goes down as well. Crafting solid software requires time, efforts, disciplines and proper methods.
Mind the Details

We believe small details equate to big success. Attention to details makes all the differences since it navigates and finetune all the mini bugs.
The Boring Solution

When in doubt, go with the boring solution. It’s about solving the problem. Opt for a basic method that removes people from complexity.
Create Solution That Lasts

Software moves fast. New tech exists everyday. What you use today might deprecate tomorrow. But before any adoption, make sure it brings actual values over the existing solutions.
Applications Needs Solid Foundations

Good software relies on a solid foundation. A product doesn’t stop when it’s launched, it starts when it launches. Either it’s the maintenance or extensions, the foundation is vital.


We build a place where software engineering changes the world for the better.

Systematic Discipline

We build software that lasts. It comes with systematic approaches, gained experience, engineering discipline, and the cost to make it maintainable.
We’re Not Commodities

Software is an artisanship. And engineering team is the vital factor to make it successful. Engineers bring value through solutions. That makes them aren’t replaceable.
The Best Idea Wins

We hire people for diversified perspectives. We’re constantly improve what we work. All voices are equal. If your idea makes the most sense, that’s what we’ll do.

Agile Minifesto

We’ve keep uncovering better ways to develop software. We came to our version of Agile Minifesto.

Running Lean

Extra processes, paperwork and redundant features are waste. Roadblock are waste. Everything not adding values are waste. Recognize the waste, and eliminate it.

Constantly Delivery

Make it work. First do it, then do it right, then do it better. The sooner we deliver, the sooner feedback can be received. That’s how things evolve with enhancements.

Towards Simplicity

When things get hard, go simply. It’s even harder than complex. We write code for humans not machines. We want readability. Readable means Reliable. It’s understandable, workable, and maintainable.

Effective > Productive

Productivity is filling your schedule & getting as much done as you can. It’s busyness and we don’t trust that. Effectiveness is better. It’s finding more of unoccupied time and open for other things besides work. Know your priority. Do things that matter.

Fail Fast, Learn Often

Evaluate your work constantly. Start again if you have to. Starting from scratch lets innovation comes organically inspired by previous experiences. Evaluate your work constantly.

Agile at Dwarves

Continuous Improvement

- Story, Planning, Sprint
- Daily Standup
- Retrospective
Lean Thinking

- People first
- Value-oriented
- Eliminating waste
Delivery Pipeline

- Continuous Exploration
- Continuous Integration
- Continuous Deployment
Highlight Innovation

- Empower creativity
- Validate with customers
- Pivot without mercy or guilt